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Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission

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I'm Melanie

I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

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You have the power to rewrite your financial story. No matter where you are in your journey, it’s never too late to take control of your finances and create a life of abundance. Are you ready to Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission?

Welcome to another action-packed live event recap! We are so excited that you’re here to catch up on all the highlights from the Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission event. This week we uncovered 5 money secrets you absolutely need to know. So, sit back and relax, as we break it all down for you!

My name is Melanie Greeno, the CEO and founder of She’s Creating an Empire. Our mission is to empower women to build business brands and bank accounts they love. We want to help you transition from a life of overwhelm to one of abundance and creativity. Joining me today is Shanda, a master coach who has been with She’s Creating an Empire for seven amazing years. Let’s hear her inspiring journey and dive into the 5 money secrets that can change your life.

Shanda’s Journey – From Debt to Dream Life

Shanda started her career in a good job, climbing the corporate ladder, but she felt exhausted and unfulfilled. Deep down, she knew there had to be more. She ventured into real estate and other business ventures, but her debts piled up, and she soon found herself over a million dollars in debt! She longed for excitement, ease, peace, and the ability to travel without constant worry but it all just seemed out of reach. That all changed when she met me, the “sparkly unicorn”, as she puts it, who was living a life full of energy, experiences, and financial abundance. Shanda knew it was time to learn from someone who could help her turn her dreams into reality.

That brings us to the 5 money secrets you need to know! These secrets aren’t just about making more money; they’re about unlocking a mindset and taking bold action that can reshape your financial reality. 

5 Money Secrets You Need to Know

Secret #1: Stop Trading Time for Money

Are you tired of working long hours and feeling like you’re getting nowhere financially? It’s time to break free from the trap of trading time for money. Shanda’s story perfectly illustrates this struggle. When we trade time for money, we often run out of time before we get the money. It’s a familiar feeling, right? We’ve all been conditioned to believe that getting a good education and a secure job will set us up for success. But that’s just not the reality anymore. In fact, the average family in North America is just one paycheck away from financial trouble. We need to break free from the mindset that one stream of income owns us, and instead, take control of our financial future.

Secret #2: Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

You might believe that having a good job is enough to secure your financial future, but that’s no longer the case. Our society has trained us to follow a system that doesn’t work for everyone. The reality is that you need to take control of your financial destiny. Shanda’s journey started when she realized that her house was not the answer to her financial freedom. She discovered the power of auditing her bank accounts, understanding her debts and assets, and taking charge of her financial situation.

Money Mindset Matters

Our mindset plays a crucial role in our relationship with money. Shanda realized that her limiting beliefs around money were holding her back from achieving her financial goals. Through coaching and personal development, she transformed her mindset and developed a new perspective on wealth and abundance. Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset allowed her to attract more opportunities and create a life of financial prosperity. It’s time to shift your mindset and make money work for you instead of being a slave to it.

Secret #3: Audit Your Bank Accounts

Shanda decided to take control of her finances and enrolled in our entry-level program, the Online Income Accelerator. It was a game-changer for her. By doing a bank account audit and assessing her debts and assets, she gained clarity about her financial situation. Initially, it was frustrating, realizing how many hours she had worked without seeing results. But, she soon discovered the power of gamifying her finances and making money work for her instead of feeling like a victim.

Shanda’s initial resistance to auditing her bank accounts is relatable. Many of us believe that certain assets or possessions are enough to secure our financial future. But it’s so important to have a clear understanding of your financial picture. By conducting a bank account audit, you gain clarity on your debts, assets, and net worth. This process can be both eye-opening and liberating. It allows you to see where you stand financially and empowers you to make better decisions.

The Importance of Community

Shanda found the transition to financial empowerment challenging. Changing her budget and mindset meant letting go of certain friendships that centered around superficial spending habits. But, she discovered the AMAZING community here at She’s Creating an Empire. Because being surrounded by like-minded women who celebrate wise financial choices instead of impulsive spending makes ALL the difference. Shanda found genuine connections and conversations focused on growth, learning, and taking action.

Secret #4: Seek Out New Opportunities

One of the key secrets to financial success is creating multiple streams of income. Relying solely on a single job or source of income can be risky in today’s uncertain world. Shanda learned this lesson the hard way when she found herself drowning in debt. Through our programs, she discovered the power of diversifying her income and creating new revenue streams. This not only helped increase her income but also gain financial security and freedom.

Bottom Line: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. Embrace the idea that your plan B could become your plan A.

Secret #5: Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself is the most valuable investment you can make. Shanda learned the importance of personal and professional development on her journey to financial independence. She invested in coaching, education, and mentorship to expand her knowledge and skills. By continuously learning and growing, she positioned herself for success and opened doors to new possibilities—because the sky’s not the limit! We strongly believe that investing in personal growth and having faith in our own potential are essential for every woman.

Embracing the Vision and Mission

As we wrap up Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission, I want to share with you the vision and mission of She’s Creating an Empire.

Our vision is to empower women worldwide to embrace their full potential, create thriving businesses, and live abundant lives.

Our mission is to provide the strategies, resources, and support necessary for women to build businesses, brands, and bank accounts they love.

We believe in celebrating every step of the journey and encouraging each other to become two percenters, those who understand and embrace financial independence.

Take Action Today

If you resonate with our vision and want to start your journey towards financial transformation, I invite you to SCHEDULE A STRATEGY CALL with us. Our Online Income Accelerator program has helped tens of thousands of women globally, and we’re ready to take things to the next level. Visit our website to learn more!

Think about it. What would it feel like to have a financial safety net? How would it impact your life to know that you have money set aside for emergencies, opportunities, or even your dream vacation? 

I want to leave you with this: You have the power to rewrite your financial story. No matter where you are in your journey, it’s never too late to take control of your finances and create a life of abundance. Embrace the secrets we’ve shared today and start implementing them in your own life. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Surround yourself with a supportive community and seek guidance from experts who can help you along the way.

Thank you for joining us today for Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission. We believe in you, and we’re here to support you on your path to financial empowerment.

BOOK YOUR STRATEGY CALL HERE, and let’s start creating the life you deserve. Together, we can build businesses, brands, and bank accounts we love.

Remember, the journey starts with a single step. Take that step today and embark on the mission of transforming your relationship with money. You’ve got this!

Catch the Ignite Your Vision – Accept the Mission replay HERE!

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