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How to Create a Master Plan to Hit Your Goals in 10 Years

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I went from a homeless single mom to an entrepreneurial businesswoman, with everything society says makes you happy. But I was disillusioned & exhausted—and I wanted MORE. So I finally said “No” to the “get a good job and work ’til you die” mentality. 

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I was around 35 when I realized that I didn’t know where I wanted to be in ten years. I had no clear plan.

-Melanie Greenough

I was around 35 when I came to realize that I had been working so hard, doing everything I knew how to do, such as building the business and learning online marketing and doing all this stuff. The reality is that I didn’t know where I wanted to be in ten years. I had no life or business master plan.

As I pressed on, spending my quiet time in the morning, I started to really listen to my soul and hear my heart, and realized that there were some big dreams and goals I wanted to achieve over the next ten years. I created a master plan philosophy: what did I want my life to look like in ten years, five years, three years, and two years? Your ten-year plan, which is the thing you’re working towards, should be kept in front of yourself at all times.

In this episode, Melanie Greenough shares keys to mapping your 10 year masterplan:

  • Braindump all of dreams and goals and take the limits off yourself
  • Focus on abundance, ideas and opportunities, then the right people come to us
  • Invest in your education 
  • Make adjustments to your activities, focus, mindset, energy and vibration.

Okay, so do your ten years, do your five years, do your three years because you can start to backtrack your life and see how far or close you are to those goals. As you’re creating these goals, they can change along the way; they can shift, grow, and change. The success system will teach you how to break that down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily habits and goals that will get you moving in the right direction.

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The Breakthru CEO Masterclass


The Breakthru CEO Masterclass

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